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The services we offer transition to one another in the three stages below; providing our client’s with true added value in Facilities Planning & Management:

  • Begin at Conception: work with Architects and Engineers offering Facilities Master Planning, Programming, Phasing and Cost Estimating. Through site analysis and interviews with end-users we are able to communicate back to the design team and ensure the needs of the clients are being met.
  • Through Construction: work with the Construction Management Firm (CM) or Contractor offering Project Management, Furniture, Fixture & Equipment (FF&E)- selection, procurement and management. Through constant communication with end-users and working with decision makers, we are able to provide niche PM under the CM or Contractor in addition to their staff. This allows us to track and monitor the details critical to the facility or departmental operations. We also manage the communication efforts of all parties. This allows the other PM’s to focus on construction and managing sub-contractors, while our team focuses on the owners/clients/end-users.
  • To fully Integrated Turn-key: work with multiple in-house departments such as: Facilities, Environmental Health & Safety (EH&S), Information Technology (IT), Department Deans/Chairs, end-users (staff & students) providing Relocation Logistics Management, including FF&E delivery, set-up and installations. We will stay on-site until “punch list” items are resolved and spaces are fully operational.

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Programming is a thorough and systematic endeavor to ensure that a project reflects the clients values, goals and requirements. It is a researching and decision-making process to help identify the work that will later be designed. At Kinahan Associates LLC we give clients a wide range of alternative approaches to help steer them in the appropriate direction for their entire project needs.

Space Planning

The flow of a space for renovations or new design is an integral part of an organization (Higher Education, R&D, Healthcare, Commercial). At Kinahan Associates LLC we will coordinate and accommodate special processes in order to prioritize the planning goals and review the clients organizational structure. Other considerations include, but are not limited to: identifying decision makers, discussing current and projected work flow with the end-users, operating standards, equipment requirements, ADA compliance, Information Technology, Telecommunication, building system interference’s, lighting and security.

Project Management

Kinahan Associates LLC will begin by defining the goals, objectives, risks, communication lines, requirements and time frame as well as plan, execute, control and close on the scope of work of the team to achieve the organizations goals.

Furniture, Fixtures and Equipment Management (FF&E)

At Kinahan Associates LLC we provide FF&E management from conception to turnkey through managing the planning and procurement for existing or new construction. We work directly with clients and Prime Contractors, FF&E representatives, manufacturers and end-users and coordinate the required efforts with the necessary trades/sub-contractors to get in place and operational.

Relocation Logistics Management

Kinahan Associates LLC core competency is Project Management when it comes to Relocation Logistics Management. It is vital to identify and work with internal key personnel and secure outside vendors for the decommissioning of spaces: laboratories, departments, and offices at origin and destination.

We will obtain competitive quotes from reputable vendors to assist our client with procuring required services. In addition develop the relocation schedule, work with internal departments (ie. Environmental Health & Safety, Information Technology, Security), review floor plans and assist with space planning at new facility and coordinate the necessary trades and subcontractors.  Our ultimate goal with regards to relocation is to ensure minimal downtime for our client’s operations.

Cost Estimating

Cost estimating is a forecast of future project costs for construction. This is a vital aspect to any business contemplating renovation or new construction. We will take a holistic approach to your current and future needs while making budget and feasibility determinations.

Commissioning Support

o    NYS Energy code commissioning support

o    P&ID review of installed systems

o    Site support during verification and start- up of systems

Asset Management

o    Prepare asset database

o    Establish projected remaining life

o    Estimate replacement costs

o    Provide life cycle replacement plans

o   Plant closings and lay up of facilities to protect the asset and liability